Laugh Your Heart Out in Australia’s Favourite Comedy Touring Tents

Brace yourself before entering a comedy show in the Wonderland Spiegeltent. Our touring tents have been known to shake with the side-splitting, belly-aching laughter of our audiences!

If you’re looking to have a sound giggle with the family, roll about the floor with your friends, or even go slightly red with something a little naughty, you can find a comedy show for you within the Wonderland Spiegeltent! We work with the best in the business, touring all over Australia to bring the funniest performers to you from inside our tents. Expect punchlines that will double you over, gags that will leave you crying, all the while inside a stunningly theatrical, yet intimate ambiance, that will leave you feeling right at home.

World-class comedy in our touring tents

In our years of touring, the Wonderland Spiegeltent has been home to countless comedy sensations that crowds adore both here in Australia and overseas. You might have cracked up whilst in our care to Dave Hughes, Peter Helliar, AKMAL, Mr Methane, or most recently, the Splash Test Dummies! And just because our tents are constantly touring around Australia, that doesn’t mean we simply rehash the same material. We love variety, and engage with exciting new comedy acts all the time. We have shows that can work well in a blend for families, or specific shows that are enthralling and friendly for children, or a little bit more mature for the adults. So whether you’re visiting at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the Australian Burlesque Festival, or the Mackay Mazda Festival of Arts, chances are you will experience something completely new in world class comedy.

A touring company with more than just comedy under our tents

If you want to save your night of comedy for a later date, Wonderland Spiegeltent always brings diversity when touring throughout Australia. Instead, wander into a world of intoxicatingly decadent cabaret and burlesque, or be mesmerised by acrobatics that suspend disbelief inside our magic mirror tents, or even a wholesome evening of traditional family entertainment that leaves you feeling like you were transported back in time to the golden days of the circus. For a full list of all our shows, check out our What’s On page today.